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Heart of Gold Watercolour Bath Blaster - Limited Edition

Heart of Gold Watercolour Bath Blaster - Limited Edition

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Vegan friendly🐰Cruelty free 🙌🏽 100% handmade💧Moisturising

Open your heart to discover Biden treasures within!
Watercolours are designed to look more handmade, less ornate and slightly less polished, to emphasise and highlight their natural handmade credentials.

How To Use: Drop into a warm bath and watch as the Watercolours fizz & create art in your bath water while releasing their pure essential oils.

If you'd like to know the ingredients for any of our products, please drop us an email and we'll send you them. Manufacturers change their ingredients regularly, sometimes without letting us know. By doing this, we ensure that you receive a current & up to date list.

Product may look slightly different from image as it is handmade.

Made by Bomb Cosmetics